Welcome to Dolce Vita
Welcome to Dolce Vita
Your Cooking and Wellbeing Vacation in Tuscany
Our food welcomes you
Our food welcomes you
Try delicious food
Fresh Pasta Cooking Classes
Fresh Pasta Cooking Classes
Learn how to make Tagliatelle, Ravioli, Tortellini...and enjoy the fruits of your labor comfortably sit at the table
Relax and Sleep here
Relax and Sleep here
Kingsize bedroom
b&b dolce vita in tuscany

About us

Erika is a Professional Chef (diploma Accademia Italiana in Florence 100/100) and Sommelier (Diploma FISAR, Federazione Italiana Sommeliers Albergatori e Ristoratori). Alessandro is an Olympic Champion (Fencing Gold medal), Counselor and Mindfulness enthusiast. Here you'll enjoy your time with homemade pasta and fresh and seasonal Italian food. You will relax and sleep in a Stonehouse immersed in the Lucca countryside, in the nice village of San Ginese. You're very welcome to DOLCEVITA, your B&B and Cooking Retreat in Tuscany!

Our Stone House in San Ginese

Relax and Enjoy you're Dolce Vita in Tuscany
Romantic getaway in the Lucca countryside
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I'm a professional Chef and a Sommelier and I'll be happy to prepare your Italian dinner from scratch, on the spot. High-quality and fresh ingredients local produce.
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"We're addicted to fresh homemade pasta, learn how making an amazing Italian-Tuscan meal"
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Our delicious food

"Mouth watering food only for you"
risotto lime salmon
tagliatelle Tuscan truffle

Reserve one Private Service or all of them

Whether you want to stay here just to sleep, to take a cooking class, a dinner cooked by a private chef, or all these things together, DolceVita B&B and Cooking is the place for you


"News about healthy food and life"
dolce vita in tuscany b&b

Dolce Vita in Tuscany B&B: the Beginning

Dolce Vita in Tuscany b&b, and Cooking It all started about 2 years ago. Passing on the edge of a […]


Service quality







Our team

Our success key


Chef and owner


Mindfulness Coach and owner


I cannot say enough about Erika and the cooking class she put on for our party of 11. She was so fun to work with, very knowledgable and easy to learn from, and taught us how to make wonderful, authentic Italian food! She was easy to communicate and schedule with and was even accommodating about changing our date last minute due to unforeseen circumstances. You will not regret this experience!


Erika is one of a kind! We had the best time with her and will be doing it again when we are back in Italy!


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Rondon Jay

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