solo traveler cooking class

I know it’s hard to because few cooking schools actually do it. Anyway, here at the Dolce Vita in Tuscany Cooking School I’m very glad to run also Solo traveler cooking classes.


Why single-person, solo traveler cooking classes?

Because nowadays more and more people travel alone. In any case, even within the usual family, there are those who are more interested in cooking and those only in eating.  Maybe seated comfortably at the table together with their half.

Returning to those who like to travel alone, the other day I met Michael.

In my job as a traveling chef (for Cuoche in Vacanza) it is actually difficult to run cooking classes for a single person. But now that I have a Brick’n Mortar Place here in the Lucca countryside, I do it more than willingly!

So, Michael phoned me asking if I was running solo Traveler cooking classes and he told me he would like to do a full immersion of Italian cuisine, maybe preparing a full typical Tuscan/Italian menu.

Michael (of Italian origin on his father’s side), is a great lover of Italian food. He lives in Georgia and has decided to learn Italian cuisine and to come and live in Italy within a few years.

solo traveler cooking class

Well, know he knows how to prepare a delicious full Italian menu. “Tortelli” could not be missing.

It was a pleasure teaching Michael the tricks of the trade.

He never stopped thanking me for the privilege of learning directly from a professional chef.

Maybe you don’t know that the satisfaction is above all mine, and that I love teaching others the dishes of Tuscan Italian cuisine in general.

single person cooking class

Well, I’m here, you know, if you want to visit me, I’ll be waiting for you with open arms!

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