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Cooking Class in Lucca, at my Brick and Mortar place…can’t believe it!

In fact, my company is Cuoche in Vacanza and I work in 2 different ways:

  1. Itinerant Cooking School and Itinerant Private Chef Service
  2. Brick’N Mortar (Lucca Area) Bed and Breakfast and Cooking School

So, this first cooking class will be representing the “history” of our B&B and Italian Cooking School near Lucca.

The first few times are never forgotten. Well, can’t forget indeed: I was right there, on the threshold of the door of the Cooking School, waiting for these guests from Norway. These are gourmets who had already tasted delicacies here and there around Tuscany. In addition, they are wine connoisseurs, therefore a further stimulus for my work as a sommelier.

Amazing people working for the same company really appreciated the location, the course, and obviously the food.

You made it guys!

Here some pictures of that gorgeous and beautiful day in the Lucca countryside:

Fresh pasta is the first thing my company and I are known for. Thanks to my over ten years of experience as a professional chef, I know all the ways to obtain exquisite pasta. Above all, I have a great passion in wanting to teach others everything I know and that makes a dish unique and magical.

Arrivederci guys! Looking forward to meeting you again here at Dolce Vita in Tuscany…for a new cooking class!

cooking class in Lucca

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