Cooking Classes in Tuscany: you’re bringing home the best kind of souvenir!

So call us, you’ve 2 options:

1) At our Brick and Mortar Cooking School and B&B near Lucca.

2) At your vacation destinations (Villas, Resorts, Holiday Homes, Apartments, etc…) throughout Tuscany: Cuoche in Vacanza

cooking school and b&b near lucca

1) Brick and Mortar Cooking School and Bed and Breakfast “Dolce Vita” near Lucca.

You can come to our Italian Kitchen, in the Lucca countryside.

Our “Dolce Vita” Cooking School is a just renovated stone house with a large kitchen. It’s a typical Italian kitchen, where I prepare also breakfasts and home restaurant dinners.

You can take your Private Cooking Class and enjoy the fruit of your labor in an authentic Italian setting.

A single course may take about 3 hours. We’ll prepare a full Tuscan/Italian Menu, ready to be enjoyed.

You’ll learn to make a real Tuscan/Italian Menu with fresh homemade pasta, of course.

Once finished the course, you’ll enjoy the fruit of your labor comfortably sitting at the table: we’ll serve you!

Furthermore, our cottage is equipped with bedrooms and 1 apartment, so you’re very welcome if you like to take more days’ classes or just to relax and sleep here to enjoy the beauties of a typical Tuscan village.

2) Itinerant Cooking School: how it works

Ask for the Menu, we’ll send you it immediately. So many delicious dishes!

Once you have selected the dishes, we’ll go shopping and get everything you need.

We’ll come directly to your holiday home in Tuscany

Click HERE for more info about ITINERANT PRIVATE SERVICE

Added Value

You’ll learn from someone who knows the “tricks” and can show you the generations’ old experience hidden in homemade dishes.

No improvisation: you’ll learn from a professional with Professional Chef Certificate and Professional Sommelier Certificate.

We’re addicted to Fresh, Handmade Pasta in all its shapes: short, long, filled, egg, no-egg, semolina. Tagliatelle, Ravioli, Maccheroni, Lasagne, etc.

Participants will be given the recipes of the dishes.

I’ve been doing this job for 11 years!

After the course, upon request, I can issue a valid Diploma (signed by the Chef) about what you learned. 

Do you want to book a cooking class? Fill the form and I’ll answer you quickly!


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