dolce vita in tuscany b&b

Dolce Vita in Tuscany b&b, and Cooking

It all started about 2 years ago. Passing on the edge of a forest, my husband and I saw a ruin that could do the job for us.

The ruin where everything started
Work in progress, the project in progress

Mine is a particular job, I have been a traveling chef for 10 years and from March to October I travel a lot throughout Tuscany, especially in Summer.

cooking classes tuscany
One day a young customer of mine told me: “why don’t you even think about a brick and mortar place?”. I liked the sound of that sentence, so I got myself explained what it meant. There and then a laugh came from my heart. But then the thought of a place of my own, to host rather than be hosted, has taken on more and more field. Until that day when we walked in San Ginese.

Well, in Tuscany life is always sweet, that’s why we decided the name: Dolce Vita in Tuscany b&b!

Lucca B&B Dolce Vita in Tuscany
Our intention was to find something to renovate and then, one day, to create a place of well-being for anyone who wanted to stop there.

cooking class dolce vita tuscany
Photo Credits: @foodfolder

Our wish? A place where people come to feel good.
Here you can actually relax, unplug it. You can refresh and eat, you can take a cooking class or dine with food prepared by a private chef.

cooking class in san ginese lucca

You can discover the original dishes of Italian and Tuscan culinary traditions.

Or you can simply sleep here and enjoy the break.

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